Mousa is a managed music syetem for schools. It allows schools to unblock certain music, if the school approves of it. It is made Martin and Robert.


This is a machine that aims to give you a carbon dioxide free home using alge. This is made by Martin and Daniel.


This is a project made by Robert and Martin that lets you give it what itemes you have that you don't need/want anymore and it will find something you can make.


Astro Pi

This is Done By Martin and Daniel, We are running code in space on the ISS.

Mousa: More Information

Mousa is a way for schools to easily allow pupils to access music, that would otherwise be blocked. It works by streaming the music through our servers.

Oxus: More Infomation

More info about Oxus...


Upcyclinc: More Information

Upcyclinc is a website all about upcycling. It has a special function, and that is a way of finding what you can make. You just put in what you have, and it will tell you the best things you can make.

Astro Pi: More Information

More Information about Astro Pi...

Spiral galaxy and black hole, computer illustration.

Have Some Project Ideas?

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